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Welcome to INKA

INKA Foundation was founded in 2008 by Malee Earle, a spirited visionary who experienced the daily needs of rural communities in various regions of South America until the late 80’s. Malee’s further education in the Western world has enriched her with expertise and enthusiasm to implement the latest “Technologies of Information and Communication” to communities in rural Latin American countries.

Malee is committed to using her talent and energy to drive the program forward. Through her diplomatic contacts she has succeeded in establishing an alliance with institutions that provide technical training and expertise in Ecuador.

Until recently there was an arts center in the small rural town of Pedro Vicente Maldonado – Nor Occident – Ecuador. The children would gather there to draw and paint, to sing and dance – to express their creativity as only children can. Due to economic pressure the center was forced to close. The INKA foundation is committed to providing new facilities for the children of the Nor Occident. A secure place that will resist economic pressure and provide continuous support and training to more than 3000 young people of the region. Our vision is to create independent, multi-purpose facilities that will be home to both fine arts and performing arts. Dedicated professionals skilled and trained in various disciplines will direct the center.
Latin America is a region of contrasting lives. Way up in the Andes Mountains live the indigenous people descended from the oldest civilization in the world. Down below, cosmopolitan cityscapes are home to millions of urban workers. In between live the rural communities, in small towns and villages. Together these people create the unique Latin American flavors and rhythms known all over the world. Latin American culture may be rich but the average person is not. The gap in wealth between the urban, rural and indigenous populations is huge. INKA Foundation’s mission is to positively change the lives of rural children by providing independent art centers.

How INKA is Funded?


In the deep forest of the Amazon jungle there are niños waiting for you and your support…

The INKA Path

Is with your support and our tireless efforts that makes possible for our Kids to chase dreams, we need your help. It is only with the help of informed, dedicated individuals like you that we can successfully complete this important project. Open your hearts and see the difference you can make, lets chase dreams together; los niños are waiting for us. We are keeping accurate donor records so that all contributors can be duly recognized and credited for their contributions.

We Need you!


The INKA Path

The path hasn’t been easy but we follow our vision…